While exploring different uses of Scratch, I have come across its use in many universities as the first computer programming experience for college students. The very simple, intuitive graphical interface of Scratch makes it easy for anyone to learn computer programming. The nine year old and the eighteen year old!

It is being used in many universities, some include

1. Harvard: The first intense course in computers, Introduction to Programming CS50 starts with a Week 0 of Scratch and students are expected to hand in a complete project in Scratch as their first project.

The actual video lectures of the class are available online. See this lecture 2 of an actual Harvard professor, Prof Malan explaining Scratch.

Please move forward in the lecture to somewhere midway to see the Scratch section.

2. UC Berkeley.  Recently UC Berkeley has introduced a course completely on Scratch. The course is called CS0 and has been created ‘to share the beauty, joy and awe of computing ‘. See more here
The Scratch used here has been extended significantly, see more on this extended version here

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